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Having lunch, dinner and a drink on Rua da Picaria

There's a lot to find out on Rua da Picaria. Besides the furniture shops that are already part of the history of Porto and the facts that make us travel in time, this is one of the most popular streets of Porto for those who like to eat well. In fact, in recent years, the street where Francisco Sá Carneiro was born began to present a set gastronomic experiences of reference.

The hard part will be choosing where to have lunch (or dinner). This is because among the options of meat, fish and even vegetarian, there are many restaurants that we find as we go up. If you're looking for a place to have a drink, this street may also be the best choice. The “Picaria” - as the locals call it - is the stage of fusions and trips around the world through the palate. We leave you a few suggestions:


Mini Bar

If you're looking for a surprising, unique and exclusive gastronomic experience, don't look any further - you'll certainly find all of this in the number 12 of this iconic street, right in downtown Porto. It was here that José Avillez created a place inspired by a theater, that's involving and surprising in each detail. It's no accident that the menu plays with our senses and challenges us to be more insightful: the Chef combines the ingredients in an absolutely fascinating way and the mini-doses make it possible to taste several dishes. Remember: not everything is what it seems!

*Photo: Porto Cool


Casa das Arepas

It's really possible to travel the world without leaving this street! In Casa das Arepas we find the typical rolls of Venezuela (the arepas), whose recipe based on maize flour dates back to the 16th century. An excellent alternative to the fast foods we're used to; this is the right place for those who like Latin flavors - the menu includes traditional recipes, but also novelties adapted to the Portuguese cuisine. And, of course, drinks and desserts are also a winning bet. Give the house number 25 a chance!

*Photo: Casa das Arepas.


Nabos da Púcara

“Tirar nabos da púcara” é uma expressão muito portuense (significa “tentar saber mais”), mas é também parte do nome do espaço que nos recebe no número 40 desta rua tão especial. São dois espaços num só: uma mercearia (onde podemos comprar produtos regionais) e um pequenino restaurante, que privilegia a ementa sazonal. Na Nabos da Púcara servem-se petiscos (e há até umas mesinhas para os partilhar) que dão um novo sabor aos ingredientes da época e que se transformam consoante a estação do ano.

*Photo: Livraria Lello.


Muti – Pizzeria Napoletana & Wine Bar

Walking a little further, we arrived at Muti, a pizzeria that brought a piece of Italy to Porto. On a street full of different cuisines and nationalities, you couldn't miss a firewood oven and the delicious smell of fresh pizza, right? This is the choice of Italian tourists who pass by Rua da Picaria, but it's also a mandatory stop point for residents of the city. It presents itself as one of the few places in Porto where it's possible to order a typical Italian dish, and we were convinced - here we found a real pizzaiolo, born in Naples.

*Photo: Cátia da Costa.



It's at door number 58 that you'll be able to go around the world without leaving Porto. In a single dish, Mundo presents flavors from different countries and innovates through this concept that challenges us to realize what belongs to each of the continents. Among shrimp moqueca, steamed dumplings or duck magret... the choice isn't easy! Surprise yourself!

*Photo: Mundo.



If you're going up, you'll find Boa-Bao on the left side. It's in number 61 that you'll enter a trip through eleven Asian countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Japan, China and India. With a surprising menu of drinks and a passport with traditional Asian dishes, in Boa-Bao dishes are served for any taste (there are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options). All dishes are created with fresh ingredients (some of them grown in the restaurant itself!) and freshly cooked. The decoration, inspired by a Saigon canteen in the 1920s, perfectly matches the dishes that make the table more colorful and that arrive accompanied by curiosities that bring us closer to Eastern culture.

*Photo: Porto Cool.


A Fábrica da Picaria – Craft Beer Brew Pub

In a factory environment, as you learn all the stages of the various cycles of beer production, you'll be able to enjoy a craft beer. This is the bet of Fábrica da Picaria, that allows you to have the unique experience of being able to taste beer directly from the fermentation tank. It occupies an 1820's building, purposely rehabilitated for the artisan brewery. More than a place to have a drink, number 72 is a place for learning, for history and for unique moments.

*Photo: A Fábrica da Picaria.