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From the first to the last dish, everything that Porto Cool has to suggest and that you will, guaranteed, want to taste in the coming times. The offer of restaurants in the Invicta is great, and we have a 'Degustation Menu' for all tastes, with different concepts waiting for you that we think you'll like to discover and make the most of! Ready to have that mouth watering?

*Photo: unknown author.



Spring is the season that makes us run to the street with joy. It's the time when days start getting bigger, the sun starts peeking daily, the temperatures rise higher, and the desire to enjoy the good vibes and energies in the streets come. Among this buzz of urban street life, we found Prégar, a restaurant located in Largo de S. Domingos, with an amazing decoration, where the specialty is the steak. To start teasing the palate, there are delicious starters with flavors that easily open the appetite for more. As for the specialty, Prégar has several options, from the most classic - the loin steak (with cheese and ham) - to the most alternative, all sided by chips. As a toast to these delicacies, there's a wide selection of wines from the region. For the more daring there are always options for a refreshing gin or cocktails.

In the words of its mentor: “Prégar is a multifaceted place, where you can have lunch, dinner, or 'taste some starters', accompanied by a good wine or cocktails, at any time of the day.”, accompanied by a good wine or cocktails, at any time of the day.”

I am a fan, this place conquered me!

I'll leave the invitation for you to walk through the streets of the city destined for Prégar.



Currently, there's a generation that likes to eat healthier, schedule a date in a smaller venue, cozier, super cool, and with amazing energy.

Bambu is a name that inspires freshness! It's that place where we can find serenity, overlooking the sea, in a super friendly area, and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. The decoration is absolutely inspiring and immediately leads us to an environment with very cool vibes - simultaneously calm.

Driven by sustainability, this place uses only organic products, including on the beverages. The richness of the menu is spectacular, making it indispensable to taste each suggestion: the oatmeal pancakes, the smoothie bowls, the natural fruit juices, the toasts, the salads, the cocktails. No less important or suggestive are the vegan and gluten-free options..

All appealing, fresh, and with a delicious look!

How about a little getaway to Vila Nova de Gaia to enjoy a cool program?!



To celebrate special dates or simply enjoy a different late afternoon, it's worth escaping routine and let ourselves be dazzled by the pleasure of the unexpected. Be it a destination, a program, or a flavor.

When you sit at Vinum - Restaurante&Wine Bar - prepare yourselves to take an amazing journey not only through the art and tradition of wine in Portugal, but also through the best of the traditional cuisine of the Douro, Trás-os-Montes, and Minho regions, and the richness of the Atlantic waters. Local and strictly selected products are transformed into terroir cuisine dishes with a cosmopolitan touch.

An excellent suggestion to eat, drink, chat, toast, and savor the charms of life!



Healthy, vegetarian, and delicious meals in a natural place that has it all mingled: flowers/plants, decoration, and coffee. Apparently, our relationship with food is changing and so is the way we sit at the table. Terrárea is a great example of that and gives us the pleasure to enjoy and extraordinary and pleasant breakfast, lunch, or snack as if we were at home. Who knows, before enjoying your meal, you'll find the perfect flower to bring some color to your house?

Good emotions, happiness and balance are part of the venue's menu, as well as exploring well-being in detail.

Excellent atmosphere and good food in a cheerful and lively atmosphere!

He and she, Márcio and Sofia, mentors of this project with an extraordinary and delicious concept, sharpen our curiosity even more when they, quickly and succinctly, define Terrárea to us: “More than a name, it's a concept. With the mission to make people happier, we have a restaurant with all the essential ingredients for more fulfilled souls with shared meals.”

*Photos provided by the restaurants.


Sobre a Ângela Abreu

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