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Our dream is to create happy memories for those who visit Lisbon, because we believe in extraordinary memories, as memories last forever. Therefore, we consider it very important to try places before we recommend them, so that we can share special places with our followers that will make people live memorable moments in Lisbon.

Would you like your writing to touch a person’s life in some way? Then be one of the people that writes about places that’ll give memorable experiences to people in Lisbon!

How can you become a part of the team?

Applying is a simple but demanding process! After all, we must ensure that the experiences we’ll be sharing with our followers are special and can’t be missed.

The application process is as follows: send your application with a photo, a small biography and links to your website or blog so that we can have examples of your work (if you don’t have a site or blog, send us an article you’ve previously written). Tell us your favorite subject as well: eat, sleep, go out, visit or shop. It’s important for us that you write passionately, so we want you to write about your favorite choice!

If you have the cool spirit we’re looking for and share our passion for the best places and experiences, we’ll have a seat saved for you in the Porto Cool team! Shall we go create happy moments in people’s lives?

What does it mean to write for Porto Cool?

By being part of our team of writers, you'll be transforming the lives of others as well as your own, by promoting your work. All articles will have your signature and a link to your profile in the platform of your choice. More than that, you'll have a page dedicated to you, where people can learn more about you and passionately read all the articles you've written for Porto Cool.

At Porto Cool, our mission is to create memorable experiences in the city and that experience begins in the moment of reading through your writing.

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