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Praia da Luz


Those who visit the area around the mouth of Douro River - which we highly recommend you do! - can't miss the chance to know Restaurante Praia da Luz. The presence of the sea, and the soundtrack it creates, turn this area in the middle of the beach into the ideal place to live the best moments and create the best memories.

In a venue that is divided into three (the terrace, the cafeteria bar, and the restaurant), the star is the Portuguese cuisine. The experienced team at Restaurante Praia da Luz has created the perfect atmosphere for those who seek to enjoy their meals in a relaxed way. And this is the very concept, to be able to share your meals in a quiet environment where the decoration seems to bring a little bit of the sea and the beach inside doors.

The restaurant presents an author menu, created by the Chef Luís Américo, who innovates with his interpretation of the typical Portuguese cuisine. Some dishes are prepared through coal cooking, which gives them a distinctive touch. Attention to detail is present in everything, from the care in the selection of the ingredients, to the unique presentation.

As a good moment at the table needs a tailor-made siding, the wine list also deserves to be highlighted. Here, the bet is on innovation, and the offer constantly changes, so don't be surprised if on your next visit there's something new to try!

On the lower floor you'll also find a bar and cafeteria where you can not only enjoy light meals, but also choose to stay, chat and have a drink with your friends, in an even more relaxed atmosphere. The thing is, in this waterfront shelter, you'll definitely feel at home!

Sitting in front of the sea, our visit couldn’t be better! As a starter, we tasted a true sea flavor with fresh oysters with green seaweed - a delight. Then, we tried the foie gras with brioche, fig confit, topinambur purée and tawny port, capable of delighting the most demanding stomach. As the main dish, we chose the octopus bean stew with basmati rice. We couldn’t leave without a sweet, and we were surprised by the incredible green tea cheesecake, and “Natas do Universo” - completely mouth-watering!

We are sure of one thing - it’s an experience that we want to repeat!

Cool Tip: At Praia da Luz there's also a terrace where you can enjoy the sunset light to have a snack. The menu is super complete and it will definitely contain the right dish for you to enjoy your day in full.


Summer: from 9 AM to 2 AM.
Winter: from 10 AM to 2 AM.