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São Bento Station


If you arrive in the city by train, you couldn’t have a better reception! Located in the heart of the historical center of Porto, São Bento Station, which had its centenary celebrations in 2016, is just the beginning of a long journey through the history of the city.

After the extinction of the religious orders in Portugal, the Convent of São Bento de Avé-Maria was demolished and in the beginning of the 20th century the construction of this impressive building began.

It was designed by the architect Marques da Silva while he was still studying in Paris, and it overturned the distribution of the city. The first stone was laid in 1900 by King Charles I and Queen Amélie and the inauguration of the station happened in 1916. However, the railway had already been inaugurated in 1896 when a train arrived there after the construction of the tunnels which connect this station with the oldest one, Campanhã Station.

Nevertheless, its splendor and monumental façade aren’t what most impresses whoever passes by São Bento Station. More than twenty thousand tiles painted by Jorge Colaço cover the entrance hall with the history and tradition of the Portuguese people and make São Bento one of the most beautiful train stations in the world! The panels represent historical scenes such as “Recontro de Valdevez” – a battle in the small town of Arcos de Valdevez, the Conquest of Ceuta in 1415, King John I and Queen Philippa of Lancaster’s wedding, or rural sceneries such as cattle fairs and religious celebrations. There is also a frieze dedicated to the evolution of the means of transport in Portugal.

It is impossible not to feel incredibly proud of our heritage when we see dozens of tourists stunned by the beauty of the station and taking it with them in photographs and attentive looks.

Cool Tip: From São Bento Station you can go to many other Portuguese cities that are only a few hours away from Porto. Visit Braga by taking a train that takes you there in less than an hour.


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